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Tammy L. Carroll, Ph.D.

Doctor of Organizations

Leadership Coach

Keynote Speaker & Trainer

Dr. TLC: Welcome

Dr. TLC’s love language is people at work. She is passionate about humans and their relationship with the world of work. What motivates you? How can you become a better leader? How can you heighten employee engagement?

She loves to help her clients find practical solutions to their questions.

Dr. TLC uses evidence-based approaches to create better and more human workplaces.

Dr. TLC: About Me


Dr. TLC has the rare combination of extensive experience as a practitioner, researcher and trainer in the field of organizational psychology and leadership. She has a passion for sharing this knowledge with leaders so that they can work smarter, not harder.

Dr. TLC is the CEO of Momenta Consultation, an organizational psychology and leadership practice.


Dr. TLC has been working over 15 years in the field of organizational psychology for both public and private sectors organizations and professional associations. She has accumulated over 1400 hours of professional coaching and is a member of the International Coaching Association. She typically uses psychometric tools in her coaching practice. Dr. TLC specializes in supporting driven leaders who are committed in becoming the best version of themselves and moving the world forward in human ways.


Dr. TLC has designed and delivered hundreds of training sessions and keynotes in Canada and Europe. She has trained thousands of people across many industries in both private and public sectors. She has worked with small leadership teams and delivered keynotes at professional events. As a sought-after keynote speaker, she shares her expertise on organizational psychology topics such as leadership, resilience at work and conflict and bullying at work.

Dr. TLC has delivered courses and workshops with the Université de Moncton, the University of New Brunswick and the Manchester Business School (U.K.) in the areas of organizational psychology, psychometrics, human behaviour & leadership.


Dr. TLC uses evidence-based approaches in her practice. She has collaborated on numerous research projects and has published articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals on topics such as leadership, job satisfaction and workplace bullying. In addition to having current active research projects, she has developed a personality measure that has been published in more than twenty research projects and articles.


Dr. TLC specializes in psychometric assessments of personality and leadership development. She has obtained the highest level of qualification with Psychometrics Canada and MHS. Accordingly, she offers a full suite of tools including Psychometrics 360, EQ-i 2.0, MBTI, FIRO-B. She has chaired over 500 assessment centres for top executives in the Government of Canada.

Dr. TLC: Experience


Dr. TLC is a lifelong learner who has studied at top universities and business schools in the world.


Executive Program, Art and Practice of Leadership Development

Harvard University


Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies (Business, Organizational Psychology and Statistics)

University of New Brunswick


Certificate in Conflict Resolution

St-Mary's University


M.Sc. in Organizational Psychology

University of Manchester (U.K.)


B.A. Psychology with Honours

Université de Moncton

Dr. TLC: Education
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Dr. TLC is constantly expanding and enriching her skill set through professional and personal experiences. Key areas of expertise include:

Leadership Development

Organizational Psychology

Organizational Health & Wellness

Emotional Intelligence

Intergenerational Differences

Workplace Resilience

Dr. TLC: Skills
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"Learning, under all its facets, is a key to success."


Dr. TLC: Quote


50 Rue du Marché, Dieppe, N.B., Canada


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Dr. TLC: Contact
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